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Bahamas - View to the sea in the evening © lucky_photo / Fotolia


Spectacular diving areas and national parks

The archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean belongs geographically to Central America. The island state consists of more than 700 islands, only 30 of which are inhabited. In addition, there are 2,400 coral reefs, which are called Cays. The Bahamas extend over an area of 14,000 square kilometres off the southeast coast of the USA and the northeast coast of Cuba...

New Orleans - Die Oak Alley Plantage © f11photo / Fotolia

New Orleans

A journey through Louisiana of the USA

New Orleans has 389,617 inhabitants and is the largest city in the state of Louisiana in the USA. With the important port on the Mississippi River it is an industrial city. The old town and also the Creole cuisine are very famous. In the Spanish and French colonial style there are many different buildings. New Orleans is also known as the "cradle of jazz". The jazz legend Louis Armstrong for example came from New Orleans...

Virginia Beach - View of the beach © vrstudio / Fotolia

Virginia Beach

Sights and varied vacation days

Located in the southeastern part of the US state of Virginia, Virginia Beach offers its visitors a variety of vacation days. Besides its beaches, shopping and many restaurants, there are also cultural highlights like museums and galleries to discover. If you arrive by plane, it is best to take a direct flight from New York City, Washington D.C. or Philadelphia to land at Norfolk International Airport. Since there are no public transportation connections,...

Acapulco - View from the hotel to the beach © rafalkubiak / Fotolia


Fascinating city with a glamorous past

Frank Sinatra, Liz Taylor, Brigitte Bardot - the Who's Who of the American jet set came to Acapulco in the 1960s and 1970s and turned the city on Mexico's Pacific coast into a hotspot for Hollywood's high society. With the visit of the Prince of Wales and later King Edward VIII of England in the 1920s, the rapid rise of the tourism stronghold began...

Chicago - Vista della città e del fiume Chicago di notte © Oleg Podzorov / Fotolia


The great city on Lake Michigan

With 2.8 million inhabitants, Chicago is the third largest metropolis in the USA, located in the northeastern part of the state of Illinois. On the southwest shore of Lake Michigan, the city has developed into an important railroad junction on the east-west connection of the United States. The Illinois Waterway connects Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi River...

Cancun - Picture from the beach at the Riviera Maya © Mike Liu / Fotolia


Caribbean picture book landscape, sun and culture of the Mayas

One of the most popular travel destinations in Mexico is Cancun with its picturesque dream beaches. On the Riviera Maya you can relax under palm trees. In the former small village on the Caribbean coast you can still discover the traces of the Mayas at some preserved ruins. But in the last decades the place was developed into a modern...

Fort Lauderdale - The entrance to the port © Gino Santa Maria / Fotolia

Fort Lauderdale

One of the most beautiful cities on the Florida coast

The city of 165,500 inhabitants is only about 30 kilometers from Miami. The vacation paradise offers sun, sea and beach life pure. With average temperatures of 24°C and many sunny days, the city is a popular vacation destination. The coastal city is also called the Venice of America. Because almost 500 kilometers of inland canals run through the city. The best way to explore the city is by water cab or excursion boat...

Alaska - The Anchorage Skyline © Rocky Grimes / Fotolia


One of the last adventures on earth

Alaska is the destination of choice for adventurous travelers who want to experience the vastness and diversity of a landscape characterized by torrential streams, endless forests, snow-capped peaks and majestic polar regions. Alaska stretches from the Canadian border to the Pacific Ocean in the south. In the west, the country extends to the Bering Sea and in the far north to the Arctic Ocean...

Vancouver - Sience World © heyengel / Fotolia


Young, open and always worth a trip

Picturesquely situated on the western coastline of Canada, Vancouver is directly on the Pacific Ocean. To the east are the impressive ridges of the Coast Mountains, which give the city a breathtaking scenery of sandy beaches and mountain peaks. Founded in the 1860s as a small sawmill settlement in the course of the gold rush and becoming a city in 1886, Vancouver soon developed into an economically significant metropolis...

California - A star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood © oneinchpunch / Fotolia


Travel to the Golden State

This state of the USA is not only the third largest, but a world of its own. You can find almost everything there, because California offers sightseeing and recreational opportunities in abundance. Picturesque beaches, dry deserts, world-famous metropolises, breathtaking national parks or ski resorts: there's something for everyone!...