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Palermo - View of the cathedral of Palermo © Boris Stroujko / Fotolia


The capital of Sicily

Palermo is not only fascinating but also contradictory. The city is the centre of Sicily in every respect. The architecture alone could not be more interesting, because many peoples have left their lasting impression here. The baroque, Norman, Byzantine and even oriental influences are not to be overlooked and make this city so interesting. The city is located in the north of Sicily, in an idyllic bay called "Golden Shell". It is dominated by...

Sicily - sandy beach with blue sea © Marcin Krzyzak / Fotolia


A worthwhile destination

With an area of 25,000 km², the largest island in the Mediterranean, is a worthwhile destination in more ways than one. In an almost ideal way, holidaymakers can enjoy both a unique nature and a culture that is thousands of years old and extremely diverse. Innumerable beaches and bathing bays along the more than 1,150 kilometres long coast invite you to sunbathe, swim and laze around...

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