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Sardinien - Insel la Maddalena © mrallen / Fotolia


A real dream holiday

Sardinia has long since ceased to be an insider tip among holidaymakers who want to spend a real dream holiday. Sardinia has simply everything and something for everyone. It has long been a scene hotspot where even movie stars can be private. Surfers have long been familiar with the special spots on the Italian island. Sun worshippers rave...

Milan - View of the city © beatrice prève / Fotolia


The metropolis in the north of Italy has a lot to offer for lovers of city trips

In the shadows of Rome, Florence and Venice, Milan is often a little forgotten. But the metropolis in the north of Italy has a lot to offer for lovers of city trips. The voyage of discovery begins in the heart of the city, at the Cathedral Square. The Milan Cathedral is the largest marble building in the world and is known beyond all national borders...

Calabria - View of the beach of Scilla and the Castello Ruffo © mRGB / Fotolia


The mysterious and wild landscape of Calabria

Italy's southernmost region inspires with natural beauty and dream beaches The mysterious and wild landscape of Calabria is one of the most suggestive destinations, but it is not yet fully developed for tourism. Along Italy's boot-tip, the coast stretches for 780 kilometres, surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west, and the Ionian Sea to the south and east...

Tuscany - The hills of Tuscany © gentelmenit / Fotolia


One of the most beautiful regions in central Italy

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in central Italy, which extends as a triangle from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea. It begins in the north at Massa in Carrara and extends over 328 km along the coast to Lazio and reaches in the east approximately below San Marino.

Rome - Ancient monuments © twindesigner / Fotolia


Rome is always worth a visit

Ancient colossal buildings, baroque splendour, lively piazzas and a kaleidoscope of art and culture, that is Rome, the eternal city. According to the legend, Rome was founded in the 8th century BC by the twins Romulus and Remus, who are said to have been suckled by a she-wolf. In fact, the metropolis on the Tiber was built on seven hills and became the hub of the world. Rome created an empire and became the epitome of everything military, artistic and sacred...

South Tyrol - Braies Lake © Jenny Sturm / Fotolia

South Tyrol

Almost 521,000 inhabitants live in an area of 7,400 km²

Nearly 521,000 inhabitants currently live in the autonomous province of Alto Adige in the far north of Italy on an area of 7,400 km². The mountainous area on the border with neighbouring Austria has been part of Italian territory since 1919/20. South Tyrol has long been a world-renowned and popular tourist destination due to its authentic alpine nature and its independent and diverse culture.He numerous scenic hiking trails in spring, summer and autumn as well as the wide range of winter sports opportunities make the region an attractive destination all year round...

Palermo - View of the cathedral of Palermo © Boris Stroujko / Fotolia


The capital of Sicily

Palermo is not only fascinating but also contradictory. The city is the centre of Sicily in every respect. The architecture alone could not be more interesting, because many peoples have left their lasting impression here. The baroque, Norman, Byzantine and even oriental influences are not to be overlooked and make this city so interesting. The city is located in the north of Sicily, in an idyllic bay called "Golden Shell". It is dominated by...

Algarve - View of the beach Praia dos Arrifes © warpedgalerie / Fotolia


The Leaning Tower of Pisa - a great celebrity

Pisa enjoys great fame, especially because of its Leaning Tower. This world-famous building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, together with the Piazza dei Miracoli, is one of the city's main attractions. But Pisa has much more to offer, as the city in Tuscany presents a wealth of cultural and natural experiences that are second to none. Pisa is the capital of the province of the same name and is situated at the mouth of the...

Florenz - Ponte Vecchio © adisa / Fotolia


Capital of Tuscany

Dream City Florence Picturesque buildings, idyllic gardens and parks, good wine, Italian temperament - all this characterizes Florence, the capital of Tuscany. Around 380,000 people live here. About three times as many tourists per year visit this place, where Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Galileo Galilei already felt at home. You should take some time to experience this city with all its highlights...

Jesolo - Lighthouse


Jesolo is considered a popular seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea

For many Germans, a holiday in Italy has long been simply a summer holiday. Most of them are attracted to the Upper Adriatic, where Jesolo is certainly the most popular holiday resort. Besides the long sandy beach, which invites you to sunbathe and relax, the town also offers a wide range of leisure activities, beautiful nature in the hinterland and exciting excursions. Sandy beach as the centre of interest The Lido di Jesolo peninsula is...