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Corfu - fantastic view to the sea © milosducati / Fotolia


A Greek vacation dream in green

The Greek island of Corfu, located southeast of the Italian boot heel, is nicknamed "the green island". With 600 square kilometers it is the seventh largest island in Greece. More than 100,000 people live on the island, more than half of the Corfiotes live in the capital Kerkyra, as Corfu City is also called. Here Venetian and French influences mix with Greek culture - in addition to the mild climate, the city is considered one of the most beautiful...

Athens - View of the amphitheater of the city © Kisa_Markiza / Fotolia


City with history

Surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges, the capital of Greece lies in the middle of a vast plain. Athens' fourth side turns towards the sea. The city looks back on a very old history and already played an important role in Greek mythology. Today it is the economic, cultural and social center of Greece - an open, open-minded and modern...

Mykonos - View of the beautiful sea © science photo / Fotolia


Picture book island in the Aegean Sea

The Greek Cyclades island of Mykonos has two faces: in the summer months, party tourism makes its way into the stylish designer hotels and modern clubs, while in the low season and outside the capital Mykonos, the island radiates peace and natural tranquillity. Romantic sunsets have always captivated visitors, however. Mykonos, also known as the "sun island", has been a popular travel destination since the...

Kos - View of the beautiful sea and the boats © pkazmierczak / Fotolia


The Greek island

This beautiful island in the Aegean Sea is the third largest of the Dodecanese. The island of Kos has almost 34,000 inhabitants in total. The Turkish Bodrum is only about five kilometers away. The main travel season is from April to October. In July and August the maximum daytime temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Until November the water...

Cyprus - View of the ruins © lucky_photo / Fotolia


Aphrodites divided island

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus lies on the Anatolian Plate and geographically belongs to Asia. Since 1974 the destination has been politically divided into a Cypriot part in the south and a Turkish island north. A narrow strip of land between the two parts of the country is known as the Green Line. The division also affects the capital Nicosia. With a total area of 9,200 square kilometers, Cyprus is the third largest island in the...

Rhodes - Picture on the port at night © CCat82 / Fotolia


Sun island of Greece

Already in ancient times Rhodes is said to have been more beautiful than the sun. The destination is located in the southern Aegean Sea, in the center of the Dodecanese archipelago. On the border between Europe, Asia and Africa, the island is considered one of the largest in the eastern Mediterranean. Here the clocks are set forward one hour. Of the approximately 120,000 inhabitants, almost half live in Rhodes City, the capital of...

Santorini - At dusk © gatsi / Fotolia


The Cyclades have the most sunshine hours per year

The pearl of the Cyclades Santorini is considered the main island of the southern Cyclades. In modern Greek it is called Santorini. About 17,500 inhabitants live on the island, which is located 120 kilometers away from the island of Crete. Anafi and Milos are located in the direct vicinity of Santorini. Among the Greek regions, the Cyclades have the most sunshine hours per year...

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